• How do I know that CrossCheck is a good fit for our food and hospitality program?

    Do you expect your on-site food and hospitality program to deliver memorable experiences, great service and high-quality food in a safe environment? If yes, then count on CrossCheck to provide insight into your program by providing feedback from experienced industry experts that includes prescriptive solutions to any operating opportunities discovered. CrossCheck drives quality, period!

  • What challenges does the CrossCheck Quality Assurance Program address?

    The CrossCheck Quality Assurance Program offers a view into operations that a client, owner or institution does not typically have. Struggling with poor customer service, complaints about food quality, concerns about food safety? These and other test areas are reviewed, and substandard performances are exposed. We then provide evidence, through digital photos, with recommendations for corrections, which allows the operational management team to focus on the continuous improvement process.

  • Is CrossCheck best for a specific industry?

    The CrossCheck program helps managers and operators alike in colleges, universities, hospitals, health systems, corporations, conference centers, hotels, shopping malls and many more. If you are responsible for on-site food and hospitality services at any of these institutions or businesses, CrossCheck is right for you.

  • Would CrossCheck help us become HACCP or ServSafe-compliant?

    The CrossCheck service is designed to test basic Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point and ServSafe standards. CrossCheck may highlight areas of your operations that are not compliant with those standards, giving the operators this insight to make the necessary changes in order to become compliant.

  • Is CrossCheck only for on-site food and hospitality monitoring?

    Absolutely not! CrossCheck has been used for financial audits, facility operational assessment, auxiliary services, hospital regulatory compliance, contract compliance and more. CrossCheck can monitor any service that has standards that must be followed.

  • Can my operators engage CrossCheck directly?

    IHS only contracts with the host institution, always representing the best interest of the owner. With that said, we pride ourselves on collaboration with operators for maximum value to and impact on your on-site food and hospitality programs.

  • What makes CrossCheck different from other quality assurance programs?

    The primary difference between CrossCheck and other quality assurance programs is that we provide service to support our evaluations, reports and corrective action recommendations. We do not just complete the assessments and then disappear. We coach you and your team of operators with prescriptive action recommendations to correct deficiencies and improve performance.

  • How will CrossCheck help my operators?

    The CrossCheck program helps operators by providing an unbiased view of their food, hospitality or any services they are providing their clients. Additionally, CrossCheck provides prescriptive solutions to address any operating deficiencies.

  • How will CrossCheck help with healthcare regulatory compliance?

    CrossCheck can be customized to include all local, state, federal or agency standard operating procedures, including Joint Commission criteria. Our team evaluates those standards prior to official inspections to ensure your team is delivering on all regulations.

  • How does CrossCheck build trust and confidence with my operators and team?

    CrossCheck is always positioned as a “supporter” for continuous improvement, not an “I gotcha” program. We believe in building partnerships between owners and operators. CrossCheck delivers insight that drives improvement.

  • What type of certifications do CrossCheck evaluators hold?

    All our evaluators have current ServSafe certifications and pass our rigid CrossCheck certification requirements each year.

  • What benefits have been realized by CrossCheck clients over time?

    For more than 10 years, clients that embrace the CrossCheck program have come to realize their local managers are more informed about what to look for to ensure high quality in their on-site food and hospitality programs. Operators “stay on their toes” more, as they know the CrossCheck evaluators can arrive at any time, and everyone knows that “what gets measured gets done.”

  • How can I see the CrossCheck Quality Assurance Program in action?

    A one-hour virtual demo can be scheduled to provide insight into the system, reports and portals. Beyond that, IHS offers a complimentary CrossCheck evaluation for qualifying prospective clients. The demo evaluation would typically take a half day, and you would receive a full complement of CrossCheck reports, debrief meeting and dashboard scorecard.

  • What sort of feedback will I see in the demo report?

    You’ll receive reports that provide an operational overview, with categories that include, Customer Service, Food Quality, Marketing Effectiveness, Safety, etc. We also provide a detailed assessment report with photos and a Cure Report that lists only the areas that were not up to standard.

  • What is the cost for a CrossCheck program subscription?

    CrossCheck services are tailored for each individual client and operation, but evaluations start at less than $500 per venue.

  • If we add additional venues to be evaluated, how is the pricing determined?

    Often pricing is determined by the venue type. It’s easy to add additional venues for the contracted fixed fee. If multiple venues are added, volume discounts may be applied.

  • What are the differences in reports for the Silver, Gold and Platinum service offerings?

    Silver-level clients receive our full set of CrossCheck reports, including an Operation Overview, an Executive Summary Report, a Detailed Evaluation Report, Photo Reports and a Cure Report.

    Gold and Platinum clients receive our standard reports plus access to our client reports web portal and management of the corrective action process by CrossCheck team members. The web portal provides a dynamic dashboard and direct access to the reports and the Action Planning System.

  • Is this a one-time engagement or a year-round support program?

    IHS recommends that on-site food and hospitality operations be evaluated at least twice per year for a client that wants to measure and track continuous improvement. This can also be accomplished with annual reviews.

  • Would our organization receive a discount for a long-term engagement?

    Absolutely. CrossCheck pricing is built on a one-year, three-year or five-year contract basis. The longer the term, the greater the savings.

  • Could we speak with some of your CrossCheck clients for a reference?

    Of course. We encourage you to reach out to our clients and review our success stories on our website.

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