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Can quality assurance be “inspirational”?

Quality assurance is inspirational when it is as much about tomorrow’s potential as it is today’s realities. Inspiration can come from many places. But the secret to inspiration is having a process that documents the realities, sees the potential, and charts a path to achieve that potential. When you lead with inspiration, exceptional customer experiences always follow.

Transformational Quality Assurance

The CrossCheck Quality Assurance program is transforming onsite hospitality services across the country with real-time data through detailed evaluations and thorough action plans. With visibility into the day-to-day operations of managed service providers or self-operated departments, everyone is accountable to the deliverables, expectations, and key performance indicators—and everyone becomes part of the transformation.

The Evaluation Process

CrossCheck Reporting

First, the CrossCheck team shares real-time results with you and your operations team so you can immediately address the most pressing matters. Then, within 48 hours of completion of onsite assessments, we deliver full reports, summaries, and action plans for continuous improvement. This is possible because all evaluation criteria are synchronized securely across the team’s iPads and all scores, comments, and photographs are collected into a database.

Our Reports

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What Our Clients Say…


Finding IHS was a godsend for us, as the CrossCheck program is extremely collaborative. We are very pleased with the path forward and are confident that the end result will be a win-win for all.


The CrossCheck QA process has given us the insight we needed for our onsite foodservice program. Our operators have become more responsive and our program continues to improve.


The IHS CrossCheck program has been deployed to more than 60 foodservice venues across our enterprise. We are now seeing more consistent standards and improved service results from our food and nutrition provider.

Our Service Levels

All CrossCheck Tiers start with the full onsite evaluations, reports, and cure plans included in our Silver Tier. The Gold Tier adds action plan implementation, review and evaluation of progress, among other extras. The Platinum Tier adds another level by completing re-evaluations of low scoring zones within 90- to 120-day period and providing customized training sessions to facilitate continuous improvement.

Our Tiers

Silver, Gold & Platinum Tiered Services

Our Team

Decades of foodservice experience back up every CrossCheck assessment—to take your onsite hospitality program from ordinary to extraordinary.

Our Team

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