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The CrossCheck Quality Assurance and Compliance Tool is a great way to evaluate and quantify how dining service operations are performing.  This customizable program provides organizations the insight they need to ensure continuous improvement of the dining services program. Could you benefit from CrossCheck?

The Process

  • We define your specific criteria based on your business needs, goals and/or foodservice contract requirements and customize the assessment tool based on your input and food service contract requirements.
  • We securely synchronize the criteria to iPads.
  • We conduct a full day onsite assessment at each full service operation.
  • We share real time results with you and your operator.
  • We deliver a complete set of reports within forty-eight (48) hours of completion of final assessment.

The Deliverables

  • Dashboard Report: Detailing each site visit and 3-year trend
  • Enterprise Executive Summary Report: Providing tangible recommendations
  • Operation Summary Report: Summarizing each venue’s performance
  • Scorecard Summary Report: Comparing all categories by venue, side by side
  • Scorecard Executive Summary Report: Comparing categories across the enterprise
  • Digital Photo Report: Showing best practices or areas for improvement

The Benefits

  • Identify successes as well as opportunities for improvement across multiple operations
  • Develop and/or ensure enhanced standard operating procedures
  • Track KPI’s for food service contract compliance
  • Collaborate with your operator to ensure continuous improvement

Our CrossCheck Clients Include

West Virginia UniversityNew BalanceCapital OneMayo ClinicEastern Michigan University

Insurance Company Revitalizes Café with CrossCheck

CrossCheck Case Study: Florida Blue

Crosscheck Case Study - onsite food service evaluation
Challenge – New Management On-Boarding​

A regional office of Florida Blue insurance in Pennsylvania had an on-site employee café with a made-to-order kitchen that was underperforming. After promoting the culinary team lead to Chef-Manager, the operator decided to reassess its food service operations from top to bottom. The potential positives of the promotion were many, as both the new Chef-Manager and Florida Blue were eager for innovative direction about how to elevate their operations to deliver superior customer service.

Solution – CrossCheck Prescriptive Action Plans​​

IHS CrossCheck assessments were deployed that rated every aspect of the on-site hospitality operation and discovered that, most of all, the Chef-Manager was lacking context for his new business decisions. This included awareness of why each facet of his operation was important, how to tell if they were doing well, and the most efficient ways to coordinate operations. CrossCheck’s prescriptive action plans set him on the right path to getting all his support systems up and running to deliver on the vision for Florida Blue.

Results – Dramatic Performance Improvements​​

The Florida Blue café showed a dramatic increase in performance across the board, reaching a 96% CrossCheck score only four months after an initial 88% score. One critical lesson the Chef-Manager learned was that in order to succeed he would have to delegate more operational tasks to his staff. Not only was the entire café cleaner, better organized, and more responsive to customer needs, but the employees also felt empowered with specific responsibilities and more clearly defined goals.

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