Our Reporting

“What Gets Measured Gets Done”

After each site visit, the CrossCheck team delivers a complete set of reports within 48 hours of completion of the assessments. During our debrief meetings, all stakeholders can attend to review the reports thoroughly and discuss any and all questions that arise.


  • Dashboard Report: Detailing each site visit and 3-year trends
  • Enterprise Executive Summary Report: Providing tangible recommendations
  • Operation Summary Report: Summarizing each venue’s performance
  • Scorecard Summary Report: Comparing all categories by venue, side by side
  • Scorecard Executive Summary Report: Comparing categories across the enterprise
  • Digital Photo Report: Showing best practices and areas for improvement

Debrief Meeting:

  • Review Reports: Go over the most critical discoveries in detail
  • Identify Areas of Opportunity: Recommend new procedures and policies for improvement
  • Compare with Objectives: See how custom criteria scored against expectations
  • Answer Questions: Clarify report findings and explain evaluation methodologies
  • Set New Goals: Adjust criteria for next evaluation to address problem areas