The CrossCheck QA Program

Comprehensive QA assessments followed by in-depth analysis and coaching

Do you really know how your food and hospitality operations are performing?

CrossCheck, the quality assurance and compliance program, assesses your food and hospitality operations using technology and innovation.

CrossCheck assessments will validate performance in up to 150 areas, including customer service, safety, sustainability and marketing.

We call it a program because it involves four critical parts that will take you from ordinary to extraordinary:


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We work with your team to define specific criteria based on your business needs, goals, standards and contract requirements.

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Customized QA Assessment

We’ll customize the CrossCheck assessment to meet your needs during our full-day on-site review.

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Comprehensive Analysis

You’ll receive real-time results and an action plan within 48 hours of the on-site assessment, giving your team information to address the most pressing matters and prepare for long-term improvements.

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Accountability Coaching

This is when the magic happens. Our experienced team will provide ongoing insight and support for you and your operators to continually improve your dining and hospitality services.

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Start with your goals and vision.

You share with us your program goals, opportunities and vision. We’ll work with you and your team to define specific criteria based on your business goals, operating standards and contract requirements.

Icon Customized QA Assessment

Customized QA Assessment

The on-site CrossCheck assessment covers critical elements.

CrossCheck quantifies how food and hospitality service operations perform. CrossCheck onsite assessments provide you and your team the visibility, insight and accountability needed to ensure continual improvement of your food and hospitality programs. The assessments cover:

Hospitality & Service

Customer Experience
Staff Courtesy
Order Accuracy
Customer-Facing Technology
Staff Appearance
Catering Services

Quality & Performance

Freshness of Ingredients
Food Presentation
Marketing Effectiveness
Customer Communications
Wellness Initiatives
Consistency of Services

Safety & Sanitation

Food Safety (HACCP)
Administrative Procedures
Operational Checklists
Food Handling Processes
Kitchen Records & Logs

Icon Comprehensive Analysis

Comprehensive Analysis

What gets measured, gets done.

Real-time preliminary assessment scores are provided to your immediately following the assessment. The CrossCheck team then delivers complete reports in a custom web app within 48 hours of completing the onsite visit. All stakeholders can attend our debrief meetings to thoroughly review the reports and discuss questions.


  • Dashboard Report: Details each site visit and multiple-year trends
  • Enterprise Executive Summary Report: Provides recommendations
  • Operation Summary Report: Summarizes each venue’s performance
  • Scorecard Summary Report: Compares all categories by venue, side by side
  • Scorecard Executive Summary Report: Compares categories
  • Digital Photo Report: Shows best practices and areas for improvement

CrossCheck Quality Assurance & Compliance Tool

Accountability Coaching

1-on-1 coaching is the heart of our programs.

Our signature QA coaching sessions offer tremendous benefits to administrators and operators. This is our opportunity to educate and inspire your team to make the changes needed to reach extraordinary service. Together, we:

  • Review reports and most important discoveries in detail
  • Recommend procedures, polices for improvement and areas of opportunity
  • Compare outcomes against expectations
  • Answer questions, clarify report findings and explain evaluations
  • Set goals and adjust criteria for the next evaluation
  • Monitor and validate corrective action has been taken by the team

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