Enhanced quality assurance for post-COVID-19 safety

The CrossCheck Post-COVID-19 Safety Monitoring Program provides an extra level of assurance that will prove to employees, students, and patients that your operators are following safety protocols.

Stay current on safety

CrossCheck has updated Quality Assurance Test Areas to address COVID-19 concerns and ensure the safety of food and hospitality staff and customers, including:

  • Compliance with federal, state and local COVID-19 guidelines
  • Social distancing and contact contamination risk assessment
  • Increased safety, sanitation and quality control
  • Real-Time COVID-19 dashboard reports
  • Client/operator web portal access
  • Benchmarking Capabilities

A program that goes the distance

CrossCheck Test Areas cover social distancing, crowd control, employee interactions, high contact surfaces, rest rooms, communications, signage, cleaning and sanitation. Our evaluation answers these questions and more:

  • Did employees manage the number of customers allowed in an area?
  • Did employees wash hands frequently and when changing gloves?
  • Were approved disinfectant wipes or sprays available in high touch areas?
  • Did floor markers, stanchions or signs promote visitor distancing in the servery?
  • Were masks, gloves, and disposable aprons provided at the entrance to foodservice areas?

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