COVID-19 Monitoring Program

We’ve Reinvented CrossCheck QA for COVID-19 Monitoring

The CrossCheck COVID-19 Monitoring Program provides an extra level of validation that will prove to your employees, students, and patients that your plan is sound and viable at reopening and during ongoing operations with periodic and ongoing evaluations.

Comprehensive COVID-19 Monitoring Programs:

CrossCheck has updated the QA Test Areas to address COVID-19 concerns and ensure the safety of staff and customers:

  • Account for Federal, State, and Local COVID-19 Guidelines
  • Social Distancing and Contact Contamination Risk Assessment
  • Enhanced Safety, Sanitation, and Quality Control
  • Focused Real-Time COVID-19 Dashboard Reports
  • New Client/Operator Web Portal Access
  • Benchmarking Capabilities Applied Across the Board

Test Area Criteria:

CrossCheck Test Area Criteria cover Social Distancing/Crowd Control, Employee Interactions, High Contact Surfaces, Rest Rooms, Communication/Signage, Cleaning & Sanitation. Here are some sample evaluation questions:

  • Were managers and associates managing the capacity of customers allowed in any area at one time?
  • Were employees washing hands frequently and when changing gloves?
  • Were approved disinfectant wipes or sprays available and stocked in the waste receptacle areas?
  • Were floor markers, stanchions, or signage utilized to promote visitor distancing in the servery?
  • Were masks, gloves, and disposable aprons are provided at the entrance to foodservice areas?

Take Our COVID-19 Knowledge Base Test!

Knowledge is power when it comes to taking on the challenge of safely reopening foodservice operations. How can you validate that operators and your self-op team are trained effectively and are ready for this challenge?

IHS created a COVID-19 Knowledge Base Test that is based on Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommendations. This Test will:

  • Briefly, quickly, and easily assess your COVID-19-related foodservice safety knowledge
  • Challenge managers of onsite food and hospitality to think critically about virus risk mitigation
  • Provide immediate feedback with your score and the correct answers upon completion of the test

Test Your COVID-19 Knowledge!

CrossCheck COVID-19 Reports Collage

IHS PPE Policies:

IHS will meet and exceed all onsite regulations, whether governmental or corporate-driven, to maintain the highest level of compliance and safety for all employees, managers, and customers:

  • IHS and CrossCheck provide all their own PPE for all Evaluator Staff
  • We are committed to regular COVID-19 testing of CrossCheck Evaluators
  • We will honor all client standards and guidelines for COVID-19 compliance
  • We are committed to delivering service above and beyond all regulations

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